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 May 3, 2018

15th April 2018   WinAMegaHome News update

It is 3 weeks since we launched win a mega home and to date, interest has far exceeded our expectations. We thought that it would be of use to those thinking of entering to talk about the odds of winning compared to the Lotto and Euromillions.   It is commonly believed that Lotto odds with 59 numbers are between 39 and 60 million to one depending on how the statistics are calculated and 139 million to one on Euromillions.  

Our win a mega home odds were 250,000 to one assuming everyone has the correct answer. However, the legal position to allow the competition to exists requires that a “significant” number of people are deterred from entering the competition and that it should require an element of skill, expertise or knowledge. So, for example, if the correct answer to the competition was answered by only 30% of people then the odds of winning with a single ticket would be 1 in 75,000.

For those people who buy 4 tickets the odds are approx 1 in 19,000

10 tickets 1 in 7500 and

40 tickets 1 in 1,825  

As you can see they are all so much better than the Lotto or Euromillions lottery. Whether you are an individual or family team or syndicate you all have a better chance of becoming multi-millionaires than Megan Markle had of becoming a Princess 5 years ago or winning the lottery.

We wish all our entrants' very good luck and look forward to showing the winners around this wonderful home.  We think that these are far better than the odds Megan Markle had 5 years ago of marrying Prince Harry!

The competition is now closed

The draw will take place on the 9th January.

We will post details of the winners once we have presented them with the prize (depending upon the winners request for privacy).

Watch this space, and good luck to all who entered.