FAQ About the Mega-Home Competition

Do I have to live in the house if I win?

No, it can be either rented out, rented out and sold at a later date or just sold. 

What about all the furniture, fixtures and fittings in the house – are they included in the prize?

All fitted furniture is included in this prize, including:

  • All kitchen appliances
  • Fully fitted cinema with screen, sound system, six reclining red leather chairs.
  • Four red bar stools in the kitchen and any "made to measure" furniture. 
  • All fitted carpets, Curtains, Blinds, Light Fittings.
  • Remote controllers for Security system/Gates/Garages.

What are the running costs?

Currently, they are circa £700 a month and includes rates, electricity, gas, water, sewerage, annual servicing (boiler, security alarm, smoke alarm).

How will the stamp duty be paid?

The promoters will manage this part of the transaction.

Do I have to pay the solicitor costs for the transaction?

Yes, but the promoters will contribute a maximum of £1,500 incl. VAT.

What are the odds of winning ticket?

With only 250,000 tickets available, if everyone answers correctly - the odds are 1 in 250,000 (or with 10 tickets, 10 chances in 250,000 etc.)

If 50% of entrants answer correctly, the odds are 1 in 125,000 (or with 10 tickets, 10 chances in 125,000 etc.)
If 25% of entrants answer correctly, the odds are 1 in 62,500 (or with 10 tickets, 10 chances in 62,500 etc.)

The current odds of winning the Lotto jackpot are 45,000,000 to 1.
The odds of winning the Euro Millions is jackpot are 139,000,000 to 1.

So if you are stuck for ideas for a gift for someone else or want to improve your chances - A Win a Mega Home ticket gives you so much more!

Why not share this chance to win a life changing prize with your friends and family? Imagine how you might share Avon Place with your family or friends and organize a syndicate for even better odds?

Can I buy tickets for other people?

Absolutely! Simply buy the ticket in your name, which is then sent to you for printing off. If you have more than one, either highlight the ticket number for the lucky recipient or black out the numbers for others if you have bought multiple entries (or both). Then wrap or package as you would normally. In the event that you have either the winning or runner up ticket you will receive the telephone call seeking confirmation at which point you can pass the details of the beneficiary on to us and we then contact them.

Can I enter if I live outside the UK?

Our Terms and Conditions (H), state that entrants outside of the UK must satisfy themselves that they are not breaching any of their own nation laws to do so.

Is the prize draw legal?

Yes. The “Win a Mega Home” is a prize competition. The Gambling Commission issue clear guidelines on what constitutes a legal Prize Draw. We have complied with all the terms and conditions in full from the beginning and sought out the best quality specialist legal advise available prior to going live.

My confirmation email and tickets haven’t arrived?

If you have paid by credit card, check your spam box. If you have paid by direct transfer a confirmation email can take upto 3 hours and if you have paid by post, you will receive a confirmation email once your application and cheque have been received and a further confirmation with your tickets once the cheque has cleared.

What happens if I want my tickets sending in the post?

If you prefer this, please enclose a stamped and self addressed envelope with your application and payment.

I am part of a syndicate, how do we apply?

Any syndicates should apply by post with a list of the syndicate members.

What happens if not enough tickets are sold for the house to be won?

A cash draw will take place for 75% of the value of tickets sold after promotion costs.

Is there a cash alternative to the prize?

We have an agent ready to take a “for sale” instruction from the winner if they prefer cash. We can also arrange for the house to be “let” until sold providing an additional income to the winner in addition to the house sale proceeds.

How will the draw be undertaken?

The draw will be made by a random number selector computer at Sterling Lottery Management which is approved and audited by both the Gambling Commission and PwC. The computer will draw 100 numbers with the correct answer. The list will then be distributed to the promoters, solicitor in attendance and press on the 9th of Jan 2019. Our MP Sir Christopher Chope OBE MP will then draw one of the 100 numbers for the first prize and another one for the runner up.

The competition is now closed

The draw will take place on the 9th January.

We will post details of the winners once we have presented them with the prize (depending upon the winners request for privacy).

Watch this space, and good luck to all who entered.