What is a "Huf House?"

We thought it would be useful to inform everyone about what makes a Huf House so special!

We are aware that some people consider a Huf House to be a "pre-fab" or flat-pack so we thought we would expand on this. In short, yes it is! It is "pre fab" in the same way that nearly all cars are "pre-fabricated" with all major manufacturers having components manufactured by their suppliers and assembled on laser directed robot controlled assembly lines. i.e. Engines, gearboxes, body panels, doors, electrics, interiors, tyres, wheels and glass all come from specialist suppliers. The factory will paint and assemble all of these to produce a high quality finished product. The same is true of Boeings and Airbus, wings, engines, landing gear, electronics, heaters, and interiors are all made by outside suppliers and "pre-fabricated".

The same is true with Huf – including the laser controlled cutting machines to make the frames for the windows and ensure precision fit on site. The frames are made from sustainable farmed woods from slow growing forests which means that the wood is denser and stronger than the same woods from southern forests. Wall sections with the most efficient triple layer glass and electrics are assembled in a controlled environment to ensure that nothing is exposed to adverse weather or left to soak in a storm for days and take weeks or months to dry out. The glass and other material arrive on site from outside suppliers and are brilliantly put together with no down time. The precision is to a fraction of a mm, and to a far higher standard than traditional build methods. Waste wood is turned into fuel for the factories to use for heating so have a smaller carbon footprint. Because nothing gets wet in the assembly, we don't get shrinkage cracks associated with "drying out!"

What does all of this add up to?

Apart from the design being "marmite" in nature, (people either really like it or don't!), the design and energy efficient patents mean that the large overhangs, as well as being aesthetically pleasing, allow the sun on the glass in the morning, but provide the glass with shelter from the sun during the heat of the day. The huge thermal gain we obtain from the sun contributes to our very low energy costs for a 7,500 sq ft house.

The factory process takes between 4 and 5 months before arriving on site. Prior to this we had to dig out 2500 tons of ground, (all of which went to a Tarmac construction material site 2 miles away for use in aggregates), to prepare the ground. The lower ground floor took approx 5 days to place all walls in situ as well as boilers/water tanks and all sanitary ware needed for this level. From the ground floor upwards the shell took 4 days and was pressure tested - no leaks of air, no draughts and perfect seals. The rest of the outfitting took another 4-5 months, including underfloor heating, floor finishes, tiling, wall finishes, bathrooms, kitchen etc. So about a year or in total from contract to moving in. Add to this extensive landscaping from the gates to the deck on the river and everything in between – it was a major project.

Some interesting facts

  • The average UK 3 bed house weighs ≈80 tons. Avon Place weighs ≈2000 tons!
  • UK regulations require house roofs to last 50 years. Huf claim theirs will last 1000 years.
  • NHBC conducted an energy efficiency survey on a similar sized Huf House and stated "this is as good as it gets!".
  • Huf are currently quoting ≈£250-£275 a square foot(x 7500 sq feet). The reality is like German cars, base price plus extras – and we have a lot of extras!!
  • Antonio Banderas bought a Huf House in Surrey.
  • Avon Place was the first "butterfly roof" made by Huf in grey and was very much copied by a developer who built 2 in Studland selling them for £3.8m and £3.4m.
  • Their next house at Excell was a grey butterfly roof house.
  • Huf House was used in the last series of Doctor Foster.
  • Currently a plot with views AND river frontage on the Avon in Ringwood will costs ≈£1.5m but none are available at present, and are snapped up when they are!
  • Avon Place could not be built replicated on a similar plot for less than £3.5m.

The competition is now closed

The draw will take place on the 9th January.

We will post details of the winners once we have presented them with the prize (depending upon the winners request for privacy).

Watch this space, and good luck to all who entered.